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Canadian journalism fails at nuance when it comes to jihad

A critical analysis of The Globe and Mail and the National Post and the perpetuation of Islamophobia.

On my view the news media in Canada have, by and large and in the long run, misrepresented the concept of jihad. They have positioned jihad as a form of villainy. In so doing they have portrayed Islam as a peril…

Ads versus articles in the Saturday BC Edition of the Globe and Mail, A Section

By area, there are more ads than reports and opinion pieces in this A section of the BC Edition of the Globe and Mail.

Here’s the A Section of the Globe and Mail. It’s the BC edition for June 2nd, 2018. There are 19 reports and 5 opinion pieces. I counted the weather section on page 22 as a report, and also the Donkey Kong “Moment” on page 2, but nothing on the cover. The cover is arguably editorial […]