A close up of an old typewriter keyboard

Journalism techniques for avoiding criticism

There is a kind of journalist that pretends their work is beyond criticism. It’s an art form. Here’s a rough taxonomy of techniques..


An 18th Century painting of the great fire of Salem, by Salemer Klosterbrand.

Salvaging trust: confronting journalism’s deep wrongs

News orgs make a big deal about fixing typos and issuing corrections. But what if there’s a much deeper trust problem…


Canadaland podcast issues a racist headline: Ezra Issues A Fatwa

Racist trope: fatwa as act of villainy

I’ve become numb to racism in legacy media in Canada. But to see Canadaland unthinkingly repeat a racist trope angers …


Sherwin writes at his desk

Trying to understand the American election

Here are few articles that might help put yesterday’s election in perspective. Or maybe not…


Beyoncé getting women in formation

#PantSuitNation is making me cry

There is much about this election that has provoked a roller coaster of emotions. I’m excited to see that some women have chosen to dress up in their pantsuits to vote.


The word "news" in quote marks has been written lightly over top of a light grey textured paper.

My friend is voting for Donald Trump, because reasons

So much media that passes as journalism isn’t, and this election has demonstrated the power of television and “news” in a remarkable and nauseating way…


Famous press release: Nederlands: Perskaart Wim Simons, De Dom.1948

Media should always link to press releases

Canadian journalists and other forms of media types rely on press releases written by public relations pros and the problem can be easily fixed by…


Totally annoying Save-On-Foods receipt from Victoria Canada

UX failure of the Save-On-Foods receipt

The Save-On-Foods grocery receipt has 50 bits on information, but not the information I was looking for which is incredible…


Colby Cosh says Stephen Marche is a cunt

That time Colby Cosh called Stephen Marche a cunt: casual misogyny among Canadian journalists

In which Colby Cosh calls Stephen Marche a cunt, and then Jonathan Kay and Stephen Marche and Andrew Coyne totally miss the point …


A sign with bullet holes in it says to keep out, private land

Why Queen’s Park Today might not be journalism (yet)

Some thoughts regarding what counts as journalism particularly as it relates to Queen’s Park Today, and subscription news that arrives by email…


A vintage postcard image of Dallas Road Victoria on a summer's afternoon

Who is local?

Using visa status to determine residency, and providing no sensible exceptions for locals with alternative paper work is lazy and thoughtless policy making


Toronto Star seems to want to make sure that nobody knows who Barbara Davidson is

Toronto Star still getting the facts wrong about Pulitzer Prize winning Canadians

The Toronto Star continues to be wrong about “Canada’s only Pulitzer-prize winning journalist”. Yes, Paul Watson won a Pulitzer. But Barbara Davidson has two…