A New York Islander works over an Edmonton Oiler.

Three unforgettable moments in [my] hockey history

Where I grew up in Northern Alberta, hockey was a big deal. My big brother played hockey. And my dad, who was not a great skater, played hockey in a […]

Art & Design

Panels from Bloom: Hector and Ari watch Ari's parents make phyllo, in awe.

A new generation of queer love: Bloom by Kevin Panetta and Savanna Ganucheau

Bloom is a graphic novel about a young man in a small town, working in his family’s bakery. It is a meditation on patience and slowness and joy.


A northern boreal forest of evergreens stand dustily on the shores of lake.

I seen it

She was kind. But she was also ruthlessly attentive to my Northern Alberta dialect. Sometimes she would simply say it back to me. I seen.


Illustration of a news team, selling ads, writing copy and tweeting.

Journalism is the business of influence

Good journalists do what they do because they care. They have interests. The organizations that employ journalists also are guided by interests. They have purpose. The Washington Post wears their […]


A jumble of letters, spelling "fake news"

Journalism’s allergy to substantive regulation

Misinformation is a big deal. Hate online is a big deal. And as the public catches up to their reach and impact, we’ll see more and more talk about regulation […]


Maclean's cover mash up of Conservative figures; Maclean's is right wing.

Paul Wells, conservatism, satire, and Maclean’s footprint

I like Maclean’s about as much as I like the National Post. They’re rightwing, partisan, and legacy. On my view they have courted hate and burned trust, undermining journalism along […]


A small human stands on cliff overlooking a great divide in Norway.

The look, and the social nature of knowledge

When I was growing up I was bad with context. Super bad. My young logic-oriented self just did not understand humans and their social “nuance.” I’m still trying. Perhaps I’m […]


A field of burnt stumps for as far as the eye can see.

Hyperlinking in Canadian journalism (Case study, IPBES report)

If news orgs are serious about being good partners in mitigating misinformation, they need to link meaningfully to relevant references and especially science-based organizations…


A person speaks on a cell phone in a light open community centre room with large windows.

My cell phone carrier has stopped spamming me

My local gym and community centre is awesome. It’s a little less than three kilometres from my home. The pool is great. The gym is nice. It’s got a kind […]


Giant cogs drawn in blue and corral with small bodies ground between the gears.

The dominant press is a giant inertia machine

But here’s an old idea: what if dominant journalism, by and large and in the long run, is actually a drag on progress? What if dominant journalism, and by that I mean the mainstream press, is actually a conservative force? On this view, it’s a drag on change…


A video recorder makes a first pass at a woman speaking in a library, before massive edits.

Regulating fake video

Deep fakes, or the ability to manipulate people’s actions in videos, were in the news recently. Macleans wrote a very concerned article December of 2018. This will be the year […]


Cats split the vote in a FPTP system: graphic.

The dream of proportional representation dies again; long live pro rep

I campaigned during the first and second referendums we had here in BC regarding proportional representation. We won the first one. 58% of voters voted yes for the Citizen Assembly […]


A part of a map of relative risks of soil liquefaction due to earthquake.

Map of earthquake liquefaction risks around Victoria

My father recently sent me these amazing resources about various risks due to earthquake around Victoria. I immediately had to look at one, because the thought of the ground turning to liquid is terrifying to me…


A BC Ferry winds it's way between Victoria and Vancouver on the Salish Sea.

The many boats of climate change

Their (the IPCC’s) dramatic report on keeping that rise under 1.5 degrees C says the world is now completely off track, heading instead towards 3C.Keeping to the preferred target of 1.5C […]


A cyclist rides over the Victoria bridge.

My picks for city of Victoria’s Mayor and Council

From housing and affordability, transportation, childcare, and budget priorities, here is how I’m voting on October 20th in the Victoria election for mayor and council…


Bill Morneau says Trans Mountain expansion, fuck yes!

Tsleil-Waututh Nation versus Bill Morneau, the duty to consult, and the public interest

Say it with me. The duty to consult Indigenous people does not conflict with the public interest…

Art & Design

An interrobang on a plain tomato background.

Martin Speckter, type design, and the interrobang

99% Invisible did an episode on the interrobang recently. I was interested to learn that early Greek and Roman writing didn’t have spaces! Rack that up to stuff I took for granted. Apparently an ad man in the sixties developed the interrobang…


Illustration, mostly greenish, of Bharat looking into the lens of a camera and holding up his thumb, almost like he's sizing us up.

Bharat’s pocket scraps you own a pipeline! edition

Ottawa fails to find new buyer for Trans Mountain pipeline by deadline The federal government is set to become the official owner of the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion after failing […]


Illustration, mostly greenish, of Bharat looking into the lens of a camera and holding up his thumb, almost like he's sizing us up.

Bharat’s pocket scraps – Making room edition

Vancouver makes room for more people, charities get political, and more…


black and white image of a greyhound bus

Bharat’s Pocketscraps NUMTOTS edition

Scraps are back after a while, read on


House boats rest on calm harbour waters at Fisherman's Wharf in Victoria, BC.

Let all residents vote in Canada

This year, I will be asking Victoria’s municipal election candidates where they stand on letting permanent residents vote in our elections. Join me!


A famous actor (femme) sits on top of a bed wearing an amazing flowing gown, showing some leg.

The closet, sewing communities, and yay for good comments

I’m loving this article written on the Sewcialists blog. It’s a blog with the goal of making the sewing community more inclusive and representing a wider range of voices. The article is published under a pseudonym…


Trinity Western University students walk on campus

Trinity Western University continues to defend anti-gay community covenant

The Supreme Court of Canada, happily, was not moved by Trinity Western University’s claims that they weren’t hurting gay folks. And the Supreme Court was not moved by the claims by TWU that they…


Angel in Islamic painting

Canadian journalism fails at nuance when it comes to jihad

On my view the news media in Canada have, by and large and in the long run, misrepresented the concept of jihad. They have positioned jihad as a form of villainy. In so doing they have portrayed Islam as a peril…