Meghan looking adorable in an old school sedan in the 80s in Ontario.


In which Meghan and Sherwin reflect on the old days, hitchhiking, and being young and lucky (and privileged) …


Bharat’s Pocket Scraps – June 23

Things I read that I found share worthy this week


A picture of a jeans front pocket with daisy flowers sticking out of the pocket

Bharat’s Pocket Scraps – June 16

Things I read that I found share worthy this week (and some previous weeks)


Several rows of old school card catalogues at a library

A newspaper is an index

What does an Auto Trader, a phone book, a card catalog, a post office, a mall map, Google and a newspaper all have in common…


Illustration of a wall of trophies of different kinds of animals, including the predator!

Nine animals that we should be trophy hunting instead of grizzly bears

I’ve been wracking my brain trying to think of how to help stop the commercial trophy hunting of bears in BC, which is ongoing and totally unethical. But I’m pretty smart, so I put this problem in my mind-vice and I’m a genius…


BC Election results from 2009

BC’s third parties and the election

Are you “tired” of the two main parties and planning on voting for a third party/independent? Some questions to consider


A man with white skin at the top of a diving board about to jump but changing his mind.

Sometimes courage is choosing not to jump

The video shows a dozen or so people at the top of a ten metre diving tower deciding whether to jump. The film documents a surprising and poignant range of human emotions…


An 18th Century painting of the great fire of Salem, by Salemer Klosterbrand.

Salvaging trust: confronting journalism’s deep wrongs

News orgs make a big deal about fixing typos and issuing corrections. But what if there’s a much deeper trust problem…


Canadaland podcast issues a racist headline: Ezra Issues A Fatwa

Racist trope: fatwa as act of villainy

I’ve become numb to racism in legacy media in Canada. But to see Canadaland unthinkingly repeat a racist trope angers …


A close up of an old typewriter keyboard

Journalism techniques for avoiding criticism

There is a kind of journalist that pretends their work is beyond criticism. It’s an art form. Here’s a rough taxonomy of techniques..


Sherwin writes at his desk

Trying to understand the American election

Here are few articles that might help put yesterday’s election in perspective. Or maybe not…


Beyoncé getting women in formation

#PantSuitNation is making me cry

There is much about this election that has provoked a roller coaster of emotions. I’m excited to see that some women have chosen to dress up in their pantsuits to vote.