White supremacy, doing journalism, and the explanatory comma

White supremacy, doing journalism, and the explanatory comma

Mar 7, 20212 min read

Code Switch is a great NPR podcast.[1. Hosts Gene Demby and Shereen Marisol Meraji are always excellent and this interview with Hari Kondabolu is .] I recently re-listened to an…

The Evil Woman trope

The Evil Woman trope

ByRebecca Cory & Sherwin ArnottMar 10, 20165 min read

Full disclosure: we watch crime shows on TV. Not a real TV, of course. Over the years, we’ve watched quite a few. It’s a little embarrassing to admit. Bones. Elementary.…

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My cell phone carrier has stopped spamming me

My local gym and community centre is awesome. It’s a little less than three kilometres…

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The dominant press is a giant inertia machine

Journalism is often spoken of in terms of democracy, liberalism, public service, development, informed citizenry,…

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Regulating fake video

Deep fakes, or the ability to manipulate people‚Äôs actions in videos, were in the news…

ByByBharatFeb 6, 2019

The dream of proportional representation dies again; long live pro rep

I campaigned during the first and second referendums we had here in BC regarding proportional…

ByBySherwin ArnottDec 21, 2018


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