White supremacy, doing journalism, and the explanatory comma

White supremacy, doing journalism, and the explanatory comma

BySherwin ArnottMar 7, 20212 min read

Code Switch is a great NPR podcast.[1. Hosts Gene Demby and Shereen Marisol Meraji are always excellent and this interview with Hari Kondabolu is .] I recently re-listened to an…

The Evil Woman trope

The Evil Woman trope

ByRebecca Cory & Sherwin ArnottMar 10, 20165 min read

Full disclosure: we watch crime shows on TV. Not a real TV, of course. Over the years, we’ve watched quite a few. It’s a little embarrassing to admit. Bones. Elementary.…

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The look, and the social nature of knowledge

When I was growing up I was bad with context. Super bad. My young logic-oriented…

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Hyperlinking in Canadian journalism (Case study, IPBES report)

Quality online publishing requires responsible hyperlinking. And quality journalism requires good linking too. If news…

ByBySherwin ArnottMay 11, 2019

My cell phone carrier has stopped spamming me

My local gym and community centre is awesome. It’s a little less than three kilometres…

ByBySherwin ArnottMay 8, 2019


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