Two adults and a kid, the kid is wearing a blue shirt and swim goggles.

“Gender is a fluid thing,” says Ashlee. She identifies as queer, and has long been aware of how gender can inform negative stereotypes. Now, she and her partner Froilan (who goes by “Flowers”) are following Nova’s cues, giving Nova room to evolve as they get older. “I’m hesitant to put my child in a box and say, ‘This is a non-binary person and that’s who they’re always going to be,’ because I don’t know,” says Ashlee. “Right now, I’m happy to respect their growth and development and will continue to follow their lead.”

Jane Wardprofessor of gender and sexuality studies at University of California, Riverside,  … believes this parenting approach could also help prevent sexual violence as children grow into adults. “We know that a foundational piece of rape culture is that boys are not raised to empathize with girls or to put themselves in girls and women’s shoes,”

Source: Parents who refuse to call their newborns “girls” or “boys” are leading the gender revolution