Art & Design

Panels from Bloom: Hector and Ari watch Ari's parents make phyllo, in awe.

A new generation of queer love: Bloom by Kevin Panetta and Savanna Ganucheau

Bloom is a graphic novel about a young man in a small town, working in his family’s bakery. It is a meditation on patience and slowness and joy.

Art & Design

An interrobang on a plain tomato background.

Martin Speckter, type design, and the interrobang

99% Invisible did an episode on the interrobang recently. I was interested to learn that early Greek and Roman writing didn’t have spaces! Rack that up to stuff I took for granted. Apparently an ad man in the sixties developed the interrobang…

Art & Design

An owl stairs into the snow.

Some thoughts on microblogging with self-hosted WordPress

So I’ve been experimenting with microblogging on Mastadon, and Tumblr. I decided it’s time we have our own self-hosted WordPress microblog…

Art & Design

A ladybug crawls slowly along a leaf: encryption bugs.

Fixing the HTTPS on a Knight Lab TimelineJS instance

Last year I used TimelineJS to create a nice interactive timeline of some misogynist tweets by Colby Cosh. After we added HTTPS to our website, the article never properly encrypted…

Art & Design

Totally annoying Save-On-Foods receipt from Victoria Canada

UX failure of the Save-On-Foods receipt

The Save-On-Foods grocery receipt has 50 bits on information, but not the information I was looking for which is incredible…

Art & Design

Dean's comic: "but when Lindsay and I looked out across the ocean at midnight..."

“Today in Three Panels” by Dean Mang-Wooley

In which I talk to Dean, an illustrator, and the creator of Today in Three Panels, and we discuss the thin membrane between private and public moments…

Art & Design

Self portraits of Robert Mapplethorpe

Art and the politics machine: Imagine Our Parks

In which Sherwin reflects on how artists allow us to question what is politics, what is shared space, and what is community…

Art & Design

A oainting of geometric shapes that are coloured grey and purple, with white between the shapes

The failure of “Movements in Art Since 1945”

Stories of history, and art history, are too important to be left to the colonial, white, patriarchal views of of a few…

Art & Design

A variety of images and panels by Lumberjanes

Friendship to the Max! A Review of Lumberjanes!

I recently discovered Lumberjanes, a comic published by Boom! Box, an offshoot of Boom! Studios. I strongly recommend …

Art & Design

Making 5 by 5 Videos

The rules are pretty simple. Create a 25 second video with 5 five-second clips, using only natural sound. To my surprise, I found these constraints liberating…

Art & Design

Drawing of a typesetters workspace by A Von Werdt

Holy hell, Batman; I’ve been wrong

There are known-knowns. And then there’s all the fucked up arbitrary shit we believe, and impose on others, for no really good reason, like for example the use of quotation marks …