A New York Islander works over an Edmonton Oiler.

Three unforgettable moments in [my] hockey history

Where I grew up in Northern Alberta, hockey was a big deal. My big brother played hockey. And my dad, who was not a great skater, played hockey in a […]


A northern boreal forest of evergreens stand dustily on the shores of lake.

I seen it

She was kind. But she was also ruthlessly attentive to my Northern Alberta dialect. Sometimes she would simply say it back to me. I seen.


A person speaks on a cell phone in a light open community centre room with large windows.

My cell phone carrier has stopped spamming me

My local gym and community centre is awesome. It’s a little less than three kilometres from my home. The pool is great. The gym is nice. It’s got a kind […]


A famous actor (femme) sits on top of a bed wearing an amazing flowing gown, showing some leg.

The closet, sewing communities, and yay for good comments

I’m loving this article written on the Sewcialists blog. It’s a blog with the goal of making the sewing community more inclusive and representing a wider range of voices. The article is published under a pseudonym…


Trinity Western University students walk on campus

Trinity Western University continues to defend anti-gay community covenant

The Supreme Court of Canada, happily, was not moved by Trinity Western University’s claims that they weren’t hurting gay folks. And the Supreme Court was not moved by the claims by TWU that they…


Bharat’s Pocket Scraps Sep 29

On American colonialism, racism, football and more


Canada 150; resist 150; decolonize 150

UBCIC Rejects Canada 150 Celebrations

Republished with permission: “Canada150” is not representative of the history of our lands and territories, or of our present realities as Indigenous Peoples. We, the Union of BC Indian Chiefs (UBCIC), cannot, in all good conscience, participate in, and will not celebrate…


Meghan looking adorable in an old school sedan in the 80s in Ontario.


In which Meghan and Sherwin reflect on the old days, hitchhiking, and being young and lucky (and privileged) …


A man with white skin at the top of a diving board about to jump but changing his mind.

Sometimes courage is choosing not to jump

The video shows a dozen or so people at the top of a ten metre diving tower deciding whether to jump. The film documents a surprising and poignant range of human emotions…


Black and white silhouette of a hand


Reflections on safety and ways of being…


Christ whips the poor people and makes them leave tent city

Pitting the haves against the have-nots hurts everyone

Reading “Christ Church Cathedral wants tent city shut down”, about tent city in Victoria, left me disappointed in the leadership and community of Christ Church Cathedral…


Herman Blume sits pool side while his entire life falls apart.

“She’s my Rushmore, Max!”: masculinity and vulnerability in Rushmore

Rushmore is from 1998, and it’s very white, but Sabrina and Sherwin think it has some redeeming features. It’s an interesting meditation on class and masculinity…


Two stacks of books, one in front of the other, one pile has a small clear flower vase with small pink flowers on top of it

Literary Lowdown: A Beginning

Introduction to a new type of post that will feature book recommendations and reviews…


The Reagan family stand in full NYPD uniform in the light of the Catholic Church

Cop show Blue Bloods makes me cringe

Blue Bloods is a story of a cop family, the Reagans, in New York. And it’s a reasonably well written family drama that suffers from deeply racist, and sexist, narratives…


Space invaders crawl down a pixelated image of Gramsci's face

fb is for activists / fb is not for activists

We believe in the power of public discourse. And this can happen in person. And it can happen online…



We have a choice going forward, let artificial intelligence help us grow, or limit their use to innocuous thoughts because we are not allowed to keep them private and encrypted


Three fingers with faces drawn on them, stand together.

Keeping solidarity for workers

When workers ask for more for themselves and their families, and their communities, every worker benefits. And yet, recently I noticed that some folks have a distinct lack of strength and solidarity …


Optimum health and capitalism

Capitalism is fed by dividing collective strengths and conquering individuals with embedded, regenerative, and dynamic hierarchies. I thought I’d write a blog post about the relationship between optimum health and capitalism and call it a day, but it’s a big idea…


1935 white underpants

Underpants are political

People underestimate the importance, politically, of underpants. Here I explain why this can be said of, well, anything you want …


Klack says Hello World (in black and white)!

Hello world

And so it begins. We are Interrobang and we’re excited to start a blog together.