Sabrina Buzzalino

Sabrina Buzzalino is one of the co-founders of Interrobang. She’s passionate about many things, such as pop culture, feminist theory, crafting, reading and design.

She has a B. A. in Women’s Studies from the University of Victoria and has worked as a program assistant at University 101, a research assistant at Isis International and an intern at Pink Sheep Media.

Black and white silhouette of a hand


Sabrina BuzzalinoJun 13, 20162 min read

I would intentionally leave handprints nearly everywhere I went when I was younger. It became a nervous habit, a superstitious compulsion. I could not go somewhere without leaving something of…

Two stacks of books, one in front of the other, one pile has a small clear flower vase with small pink flowers on top of it

Literary Lowdown: A Beginning

Sabrina BuzzalinoFeb 26, 20152 min read

I like to read. A lot. It’s always been a constant in my life. Reading is so many things to me – a way to explore other worlds, other viewpoints,…