Rebecca Cory

Rebecca has always been interested in education. She would line up her stuffed animals up and teach them school when she was seven years old. Her views on education have become more radical since that time. She’s abandoned the math lesson plans and orderly rows of students in favour of studies in inequality, social justice and practices that challenge power relations. She is privileged to get to put these ideas into practice through her work with University 101, a program at UVic that offers free, non-credit classes for people who have faced barriers to education.

She’s especially interested in systemic analyses that examine how society has been organized to the benefit of some. Oh yeah, and how it could be organized differently.

Rebecca is also interested in media and communications, especially in the possibilities and limitations of media to create change in our world.

Rebecca joined interrobang in part because she finds it hard to write without a deadline. Probably because she has been trained in traditional educational settings, where she received a BA in Women’s Studies and Political Science, and a MA in Education.

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Panels from Bloom: Hector and Ari watch Ari's parents make phyllo, in awe.

A new generation of queer love: Bloom by Kevin Panetta and Savanna Ganucheau

Sherwin ArnottMay 30, 20203 min read

Bloom is a graphic novel about a young man in a small town, working in his family’s bakery. The entire book is drawn in black and a beautiful blue-green.[1. We’re…

A famous actor (femme) sits on top of a bed wearing an amazing flowing gown, showing some leg.

The closet, sewing communities, and yay for good comments

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I’m loving this article written on the Sewcialists blog. It’s a blog with the goal of making the sewing community more inclusive and representing a wider range of voices. The…

A man with white skin at the top of a diving board about to jump but changing his mind.

Sometimes courage is choosing not to jump

Rebecca CoryApr 24, 20171 min read

Watch this. I find it so fascinating. The video shows a dozen or so people at the top of a ten metre diving tower deciding whether to jump. The film…

Booth and Bones pose in front of Medussa

The Evil Woman trope

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Full disclosure: we watch crime shows on TV. Not a real TV, of course. Over the years, we’ve watched quite a few. It’s a little embarrassing to admit. Bones. Elementary.…