Meghan Jezewski

Meghan Jezewski is a freelance editor, researcher, and data nerd. She was a coordinator at the Vancouver Island Public Interest Research Group until leaving to manage data for a local candidate in the last federal election. She worked as a frontline social worker for eight years, most recently at AIDS Vancouver Island, before burning out and escaping into academia. She has an MA in Human and Social Development. Her thesis was on deafness as multiplicity.

Before social work, Meghan participated in several editorial collectives and worked as the editor of ThirdSpace. Meghan joined Interrobang because of the many years of unhatched dreams of publication littering her imagination; sharing the load with others and external deadlines seems to be the way to go.

A smiling and bespectacled Meghan Jezewski

Meghan looking adorable in an old school sedan in the 80s in Ontario.

Meghan Jezewski: Hitchhikings

Meghan JezewskiJun 20, 20172 min read

When I was fifteen, my high school environmental science class went on a camping trip somewhere in the middle of nowhere. As an aside, where I grew up and went…

Dallas Rd, Marine Drive, Victoria, BC

Buying ourselves out of homes

Meghan JezewskiJun 1, 20165 min read

How far are we willing to stretch the limits to housing affordability in our region? The high cost of property in the south island and the provincial and federal governments’…

Christ whips the poor people and makes them leave tent city

Pitting the haves against the have-nots hurts everyone

Meghan JezewskiMay 22, 20162 min read

Reading “Christ Church Cathedral wants tent city shut down”[1. Christ Church Cathedral wants tent city shut down, May 17, 2016, by Sarah Petrescu:] left me disappointed in the leadership…

Space invaders crawl down a pixelated image of Gramsci's face

fb is for activists / fb is not for activists

Some people thrive in meatspace. Some people are also extroverts. And they are happy talking. And talking. Over. Everyone. Additionally, some folks may struggle in certain common modes of face-to-face…