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The abyss of the internet can be overwhelming! We’ve all had our own individual, private, and sometimes anonymous, blogs. Tired of working alone and keen to collaborate with other writers on a collective project, we’re creating community and sharing ideas. And ideas are better when they’re produced from multiple perspectives.

We’re writers and activists and scientists and creatives and community organizers and feminists and crafters…

Meghan Jezewski

A smiling and bespectacled Meghan Jezewski

Hopeful misanthrope. Post-structural feminist. Avid food, cycling, and urban enthusiast.

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Rebecca Cory

Profile photo of Becky Cory

Community Education. Feminism. Media. Complexity. Systemic Analysis.

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Bharat sits on his stairway

Environment + Public health PhD, South Asian, feminist. #yyj Lkwungen Lands

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Sabrina Buzzalino

Sabrina sits in a chair holding her camera.

Avid reader, enthusiastic about pop culture & feminist theory, maker of things. Not a knitter.

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Sherwin Arnott

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Graphic design, business, communications, epistemology, journalism, public relations, science.

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Ariane Douchet-Wheatley

Ariane's rockstar photo

Avid knitter, feminism, fandom, fan culture, as well as sundry other topics that catch her passion.

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