#PantSuitNation is making me cry

Pantsuits are political.

I’m checking in now and then on the American election today via Twitter. And #PantSuitNation (and #PantsSuitNation) is reminding me that history is maybe, hopefully, getting made right now.

Hope lives. And so do pantsuits. Apparently. I don’t really understand it all, but I’m inspired by it and I think Beyoncé is right at the heart of it.

This is actually my first time voting in a presidential election due to 3 unprocessed voter registration cards back in 2012. Why they were never processed was not explained to me… But I do understand what it's like to want to vote and not be able to. So I truly believe that all those who CAN vote, SHOULD vote. I know that the saying, "people gave up their lives for your right to vote" can get old. But it's true. People died fighting for civil rights and were abused and threatened to speak up for YOUR future. So to not vote would be a disservice to yourself. We always complain about so much yet, do so little. Let your actions match your lips. Don't ever be so bold to complain on social media and not change the game at the polls… As this day winds down, remember to honor the path that those before you laid out.. And go vote with wisdom, knowledge and understanding! Lastly, please stop making presidential candidates your gods. Thanks ❤️ #Election2016 #VoteOrDie #ImWithHer #PantsSuitNation #Jesus204ever #PrayForOurCountry

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Voted!! #pantssuitnation #ontuesdayswewearwhite #govote🇺🇸

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