My kid loves statistics and 15 minute cities

We have started this simple diary where my 7 yo tracks each of her trips and categorizes them as car or not car. I find the analog simplicity of this…

ByBharatJan 8, 20241 min read

Choices for 2024

When your phone does a thing I’m not much of a resolver, resolutioner, whatever the word may be. But my phone did show me these very interesting choices of app…

ByBharatJan 1, 20241 min read

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Hyperlinking in Canadian journalism (Case study, IPBES report)

Quality online publishing requires responsible hyperlinking. And quality journalism requires good linking too. If news…

BySherwin ArnottMay 11, 20199 min read

Bharat’s pocket scraps August 18

A note on Charlottesville There are lots of articles on white supremacy I read last…

ByBharatAug 18, 20176 min read

Making 5 by 5 Videos

Earlier this summer a friend told me about the 5 by 5 video competitions on…

ByRebecca CoryOct 13, 20141 min read

White supremacy, doing journalism, and the explanatory comma

Code Switch is a great NPR podcast.[1. Hosts Gene Demby and Shereen Marisol Meraji are…

BySherwin ArnottMar 7, 20212 min read
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