A gorgeous house or condo glows in the evening on a large property.

How BC Could Tax Soaring Property Values for the Public Good | The Tyee

Aug 30, 20231 min read

The vast majority of B.C.’s residential property wealth — $1.5 trillion — is in the value of the land rather than in the buildings on it. Unlike the value created by…

Panels from Bloom: Hector and Ari watch Ari's parents make phyllo, in awe.

A new generation of queer love: Bloom by Kevin Panetta and Savanna Ganucheau

BySherwin ArnottMay 30, 20203 min read

Bloom is a graphic novel about a young man in a small town, working in his family’s bakery. The entire book is drawn in black and a beautiful blue-green.[1. We’re…

Herman Blume sits pool side while his entire life falls apart.

“She’s my Rushmore, Max!”: masculinity and vulnerability in Rushmore

BySabrina BuzzalinoJun 21, 20156 min read

Rushmore is a little dated. It’s from 1998. It’s a Wes Anderson movie, so maybe that’s a strike against it for some. It’s quirky and has a good soundtrack. It’s…

Making 5 by 5 Videos

Making 5 by 5 Videos

ByRebecca CoryOct 13, 20141 min read

Earlier this summer a friend told me about the 5 by 5 video competitions on Vimeo. The rules are pretty simple. Create a 25 second video with five, five-second clips,…

A man with white skin at the top of a diving board about to jump but changing his mind.

Sometimes courage is choosing not to jump

ByRebecca CoryApr 24, 20171 min read

Watch this. I find it so fascinating. The video shows a dozen or so people at the top of a ten metre diving tower deciding whether to jump. The film…

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Journalism’s allergy to substantive regulation

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